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We help you find accessible hotels around the world suitable if you have a disability or need extra convenience!

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Find accessible hotels

Use the search box to find hotels all around the world.

Please note! After you click “Search” and are sent to the results page, click on “Accessibility Features” or “Filter” on mobile to select the specific needs you have.

If you need any guarantees, please ask the specific hotel prior to your reservation is completed.

For a step-by-step guide see our search tutorial.

Inspiration from our Instagram

”To find and book hotels which have extra convenience and accessibility is now easier than ever through our unique search service. We also have very extensive personal experience of traveling with the need for good accessibility. WellTrips is the best and most convenient way to your dream trip!”

Robin BäckströmCEO, WellTrips

”I got very good service and WellTrips helped me additionally with how to express myself in English when I was making the reservation of accommodation and wanted to note that I was in a wheelchair. Many thanks!”

One of our happy customers
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