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The core philosophy of WellTrips is that it should be easy to book a hotel whatever your needs are.

Booking a hotel with good accessibility can be both difficult and time consuming. Therefore www.welltrips.com was created. WellTrips will make the filtering for you and provide all the accessible hotels available, so that you in an easy and comfortable way can book a hotel no matter what destination.

The search is over, all the hotels at WellTrips are already accessible!

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We at WellTrips always do our best to make it easier to book hotels for our customers. If You have any questions or need help regarding how to do a reservation or search, feel free to contact us.

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First of all try to contact your specific hotel, or airline company depending on your need. If you can not get enough information from them please send us an e-mail at info@welltrips.com and we will try our best to help you out.

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At Welltrips we always strive to develop and improve our idea so we look forward to see what the future will bring and upcoming partnerships.

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4 months ago


Disabled Accessible Travel listar det hotell som vi använder för vår mat och vinresa som ett av Barcelonas bästa hotell för oss med funktionsvariation. Superkul och välförtjänt tycker vi!

Vi har fortfarande platser kvar till denna resa i vår! (28 mars-1 april eller 2 maj-6 maj) Hör av er till oss med ett pm eller maila till info@welltrips.com om ni vill ha mer information.Another one in our series of Barcelona recommended hotels! Pool lift, city center, 4 star, accessible metro stop nearby, 3 accessible rooms, and close to Gaudi architecture of La Pedrera and Casa Battló. One of our favorite hotels in Barcelona because of location, price and service level. Last not but least, this is one of the very few hotels in the center that have a family room, consisting of two connected rooms of which one is adapted. In case of any questions, PM or email us dat@disabledaccessibletravel.com
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Thank you for sharing! Indeed quite a coincidence you are using the same hotel, can only mean it is indeed a good one! :) We indeed work with them a lot. Have fun with both Barcelona trips for next year! When we can assist in any way, happy to collaborate.

7 months ago


Sugen på en mat och vinresa till Barcelona i vår? Vi har två långweekends planerade, 28 mars-1 april och 2 maj-6 maj! Vi hade en mycket lyckad resa i somras så vi gör det igen till våren 2019. Allt är anpassat för rullstol. Hör av dig till info@welltrips.com om du är intresserad så berättar vi mer.

Come with us to Barcelona this spring 2019! We arrange a wine and dine trip 28th of March to 1st of April and 2nd of May to 6th of May. Everything is fully accessible for wheelchair users. Send us an email to info@welltrips.com and we'll tell you more.
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8 months ago


Planing our next wine and food trip to Barcelona. We’re going there again this spring 2019. For more info contact us at info@welltrips.com ... See MoreSee Less

Planing our next wine and food trip to Barcelona. We’re going there again this spring 2019. For more info contact us at info@welltrips.com


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